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by Dr. Marianne Rolland

What are Emotions?

Emotions are an integral part of our shared human experience, together with body, mind and spirit. They are phenomena that allow us to gauge certain aspects of our existence in relation to others. In a way, emotions are messengers from the universe, speaking to our being and adding a rich dimension to our total human experience.

Emotions are energy forms, as are all things in this universe. When emotions are not fully expressed at the time they are initially felt, they get stored within the body. These energies, if not moved, create blocks in the natural flow and rhythm of the body’s energy system and eventually crystallize, manifesting in various forms of disease or other physical ailments.

What happens when I become angry? What happens when I experience gratitude?

If I become angry and do not express that anger in some appropriate way, then I will store a low vibrational energy in my body. I will have literally swallowed a heavy energy form. If I experience gratitude on the other hand, I am vibrating at a high energy frequency which promotes the natural flow of energy in my body’s energetic system. In the ideal state, no concentrated blocks of energy are created and nothing gets stored in the body; feelings/emotions simply flow through my being with ease.

What happens when I get triggered?

When we have powerful emotional reactions (when certain people, places and events trigger a strong emotional response within us), then we know that what is occurring relates to stored emotional energies rather than what appears to be transpiring at face value. When deep emotions get triggered, the tendency is to externalize and blame “others” for how we feel.

What causes emotional outbursts?

Emotional outbursts occur when others trigger our repressed feelings or energies. It is natural to feel anger when someone “pushes our buttons” and the tendency is to blame the other person. Healing requires that we acknowledge our emotions and feelings are never about the other person but about ourselves.

At times, part of our human experience is to endure emotional pain and suffering. In considering emotions, we discover that “feeling is healing,” and to block feeling is to promote increased suffering. In order to not have pain in our lives, we must first be willing to allow for its existence through core emotional healing.

What is Self-Abandonment?

Abandonment of “self” is a phenomenon that occurs when it is too uncomfortable, painful or frightening to fully experience our feelings. Most planetary members have learned to do this by shifting our conscious attention away from our heart or the center of our being and into our heads. In our heads, we try to figure out things logically.

What is Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT)

RTT is a process that teaches people how to feel on deep levels: that is, how to access stored core emotional energy. This process takes the individual on a journey into the deepest and most uncharted parts of his or her being. This process, which is accessed through guided deep-breathing exercises, taps into stored emotional energies and repressed memories.

RTT may look quite different for each individual. The important aspect of the process is to acknowledge and stay with the feelings-whatever they are; to fully own one’s feelings without judgment.

Source – In Consideration of Emotions by Dr. Marianne Rolland

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