Take the journey to better health and wellness. Join us for a 3 day White Raven Center retreat. During this retreat you’ll have all your meals prepared for you by White Raven’s superior kitchen team. Your sleeping accommodations will be a comfy bed at the Center.

This is a 3 day intensive retreat and the opportunity to get a lot of work done on the path to healing. Come see for yourself why our Workshops are attracting more people every month.

Already read the book? Then you know how central Workshops are to the work. Schedule yours today!

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White Raven Center workshops run from approximately 5pm on Friday to 5pm on Sunday and generally take place during the second or third weekend of the month (see Workshop Schedule for exact workshop dates – click Here).

Workshops are open to the general public and offer powerful opportunities to take a quantum leap forward along your healing path.

The synchronicities experienced at the workshops are nothing less than astounding. The White Raven Center facilitators take great care to create a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment. The power of the light generated by such focused intention calls forth the perfect group for that particular workshop.


It is common for people who, on the surface, view themselves as complete strangers to rekindle connections they have perhaps had for lifetimes and share medicine and gifts they unconsciously hold for one another. Seeing ourselves in others can be both comforting and terrifying depending on what is being reflected. However, from the perspective of healing all that unfolds is perfect. Those who have similar experiences and wounds may ‘trigger’ each other.

If you are bearing witness to another’s healing process and they are touching on painful experiences that resemble those from your own life, that resonance can serve to bring your own feelings to the surface. Actually this happens all the time in the course of our daily lives, but most of us have become masters at suppressing our feelings. This suppression is often an unconscious strategy to protect ourselves from other people’s judgment of our feelings. This fear of other’s judgment is really a reflection of our own fear and judgment of our feelings.


At White Raven Center workshops feelings are not judged, they are encouraged, for they hold the truth of our experience. Feeling is healing and during a workshop being triggered is neither good nor bad, but instead viewed as simply ‘what is happening.’ Healing begins when we acknowledge what is. Therefore being triggered is accepted for what it is and viewed as a gift and an opportunity to release the stored energy of unresolved feelings. As this blocked energy is released we bring the hidden beliefs and assumptions of the subconscious into the light of conscious awareness and the present moment and claim the power to reshape our perspectives.

The cost for a three-day intensive workshop and for private sessions, for non-insured clients, is based on a sliding fee scale. Partial scholarships for workshops are available and the amount awarded is based on individual need. Insurance billing is provided. Visa/Master cards are also accepted.

Please contact the White Raven Center if you have any questions or need more information. You may send us email in the form below, or we can be reached by phone at 907-333-4478.

If you’d like to learn more about Rapid Transformation Therapy, Dr. Marianne Rolland,
or the White Raven Center, you are invited to contact us.

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If you’d like to learn more about Rapid Transformation Therapy, Dr. Marianne Rolland, or the White Raven Center, you are invited to contact us.

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