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by Dr. Marianne Rolland

” …emotions are messengers from the universe, speaking to our being and adding a rich dimension to our total human experience.”

Emotions are energy forms, as are all things in this universe. Emotions are usually thought of in relation to various feelings (fear, anger, joy, sorrow etc.) experienced through the physicality of the human body. When emotions are not fully expressed at the time they are initially felt, they get stored within the body. As society has dictated for at least the last millennium, it is far more acceptable to express what we would consider “positive” or “feel-good” emotions then to express emotions rendered “negative” or “feel-bad.” Therefore, most stored emotional energies are of the variety that we consider “undesirable.” These energies, if not moved, create blocks in the natural flow and rhythm of the body’s energy system and eventually crystallize, manifesting in various forms of disease or other physical ailments.

The feelings associated with emotions should not be confused with the feelings one experiences at an intuitive level. Intuitive feelings and emotional feelings are vastly different and that comparison belongs to another discussion. Emotions vibrate at different frequencies depending on which feeling a particular emotion is charged with. For example, if I become angry and do not express that anger in some appropriate way, then I will store a low vibrational energy in my body. I will have literally swallowed a heavy energy form. If I am experiencing a deep sense of gratitude, I am vibrating at a high energy frequency which promotes the natural flow of energy in my body’s energetic system. This being the case, no concentrated blocks of energy are created and nothing gets stored in the body; feelings/emotions simply flow through my being with ease.

Emotions are a shared human experience

The powerful feelings and memories that are connected to stored emotions make them far more than just vibrational energy. Emotions are something we all experience. They are an integral part of our shared human experience, together with body, mind and spirit. They are phenomena that allow us to gauge certain aspects of our existence in relation to others. In a way, emotions are messengers from the universe, speaking to our being and adding a rich dimension to our total human experience.

The degree to which emotions interfere with or negatively influence our daily lives is of increasing concern to individuals in the helping professions. When we have powerful emotional reactions (when certain people, places and events trigger a strong emotional response within us), then we know that what is occurring relates to stored emotional energies rather than what appears to be transpiring at face value. Most people are not conscious of this fact and are confused regarding the nature of their emotional triggers and relationships with others. The majority of people on the planet are non-feelers; they are living in their heads and are disconnected to their real feelings. When deep emotions get triggered, the tendency is to externalize and blame “others” for how we feel.

How to access emotional energy

There is a process that teaches people how to feel on deep levels: that is, how to access stored core emotional energy. This process takes the individual on a journey into the deepest and most uncharted parts of his or her being. This process, which is accessed through guided deep-breathing exercises, taps into stored emotional energies and repressed memories. While the process may initially trigger a fear response in the individual, it will inevitably serve to transform heavy, unwanted, low-vibration emotional energy into light, desirable, high-vibration energy. The process requires the participant to listen carefully to what the body is telling him/her and to express whatever “truths” arise from his/her perception. Truth is felt and spoken through the heart, using the mind only as a vehicle for expression.

Healing, feeling and moving stored core-emotional energy is not about casually sharing surface emotions or feelings. It is a therapeutic method that facilitates the movement of stored energies, usually lodged in the mid and lower chakra areas of the human body. Grief is generally found in the heart area, while anger is stored in the root or first chakra, and concentrated energies affiliated with sexual abuse are found in the spleen or second chakra. To begin to penetrate these areas, the participant must allow him/herself to experience the full depth of these emotions. With support and encouragement, the client allows him or herself to fall or relax into the full depth of his/her feelings. Since the experience can be very intense, this does not occur all at once, but comes in waves; touching gently on one’s feelings, then moving deeper into the emotional-being state, staying with the intensity as long as possible. Practitioners assist the client by helping identify the feelings he/she is connecting with and then assisting him/her to move to deeper levels. This is done through continued focus on the breath, fully relaxing and allowing one’s conscious awareness to shift from the head to the heart center.

Embracing pain, accepting joy

The process may look quite different for each individual. The important aspect of the process is to acknowledge and stay with the feelings-whatever they are; to fully own one’s feelings without judgment. The deeper a person goes into the feeling state, the greater the progress he/she will make in treatment. The degree to which we do not allow ourselves to feel our pain is the degree we also do not feel our joy, for they are the exact same polarity. So, if we are not willing to embrace our pain, we cannot have the joy.

Guided techniques facilitate the process for tapping into unconscious, concentrated energy forms and initiating movement and change. Once the energies start to flow freely, emotions/feelings that have never been experienced on a conscious level will begin to be felt. The internal process allows stifling negative emotions to transform into positive light energies. This transformation occurs as a result of the participant allowing oneself to fully feel one’s feelings by staying with those feelings, following them to the core of the being and not abandoning “self.”

Abandonment of “self” is a phenomenon that occurs when it is too uncomfortable, painful or frightening to fully experience our feelings. Most planetary members have learned to do this by shifting our conscious attention away from our heart or the center of our being and into our heads. In our heads, we try to figure out things logically. Although our minds can be very powerful, they play no useful role in this treatment methodology. Letting go of the need to control and simply allow the process to unfold is the key.

Inner peace, harmony, balance and connection

The dissipation of concentrated negative energies or emotions frees the individual and creates a sense of inner peace, harmony, balance and connection. Because we must expend energy to store energy, many of us waste considerable energy (without even knowing it at a conscious level) by holding onto old, repressed feelings. The amount of energy being suppressed determines the extent of time an individual spends living as if he/she were an emotional reactor. Emotional outbursts occur when others trigger our repressed feelings or energies. It is natural to feel anger when someone “pushes our buttons” and the tendency is to blame the other person. Healing requires that we acknowledge our emotions and feelings are never about the other person but about ourselves.

As children, most of us never heard words like “it is normal to have feelings;” “all of us not only have feelings, but have a right to those feelings;” or “it is a good thing to express our feelings even the unpleasant ones, like anger, guilt and shame.” Consequently, we learned about feelings by guessing, ignoring, or stuffing, thinking something was wrong or different with us, and by watching our unconscious role models. How mom and dad or our other adult caretakers expressed anger is generally how we learned to express anger. This isn’t a bad thing, it is just the reason why most of us grew up with lots of confusion about feelings and emotions and, hence, lacked the natural ability to express ourselves with ease and confidence.

Introducing yourself to yourself

At times, part of our human experience is to endure emotional pain and suffering. How much repressed emotional energy we have stored relates to the extent of trauma and external oppression we have experienced. If we have been victims of repeated trauma without the opportunity to heal, or if we have been physically, sexually, mentally and emotionally abused, then we are likely experiencing trauma at deep levels and are storing an abundant supply of emotional energy. This means that to some degree we are numb or partially frozen emotionally. In considering emotions, we discover that “feeling is healing,” and to block feeling is to promote increased suffering. In order to not have pain in our lives, we must first be willing to allow for its existence. In the allowing rests the opportunity to discharge the emotion. As we fully discharge our stored emotional energy, we begin to tap the god-source that lies within and actualize our true dynamic self.

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